Game made for xkcd jam based on the comic click and drag, even if my world is not as big i wanted to capture the spirit and simple beauty of that comic.


left to go left  and right to go right ;)

When you see a exclamation-mark  it means there is something interactable, to interact press T.  Keep pressing T for next interaction.

Spacebar = jump however you won't need it (in this version)

I hope you enjoy

Mac and Windows builds are based on best effort i cannot test these. If it does not work i advice the web build (i am especially not sure with the mac build)


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Oh no, not realy sure how that could have happened but probbaly collision detection was taking a nap

Hey uhh I see the ring and kick the tree but nothing happens in the web version even when I talk to balloon guy no new dialogue

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try to explore a bit more its a pretty world maybe you find something else that can help you\

I see now could you make the hit box larger for that though? Because the player does not yet know they can interact with objects only characters and colored items so far

I went till the very end and must say the art is great but other than that as you said the length could be improved yet I think the one thing this game NEEDS is music. You can update you have 6 hours.  Anyway one thing I do want to mention is I'm doing a review of design on the games in this jam so here's a shameless plug to my channel if you want to be notified of the vid when released:


thank you for your feefback, unfortunatly i replied to you just an hour before i had to go work so i had no more time. I titaly agreed it needed music.

My XKCD game jam analysis is out!