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Battery is here to stay.

Actually “battery is here to stay” is just the working title, one of the many things i wanted to find something cool for and change. Like a good intro and and menu you know stuff like that.

However like any LD things went horribly wrong and i lost a whole level that costed me most of the day to fix.

“Battery is here to stay” is a short point and click game where you are are a robot for which electrical currency is indeed his live. Your battery however is almost empty and you need to find a way to charge it before your live ends

  • all of this i wanted to make more clear in the game but because of recreating the level i had no more time*

Anyway i hope you enjoy.

You can play the whole game with just the mouse but you can use T to enable talk, U for use, W for walk and L for look

Made with Godot


HereTostayLinux.zip 15 MB
HereToStayWin.zip 14 MB

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