Will you obey - PostMortem

"Will you obey" is a game created for the WeeklyGameJam with the theme "Obey"

Choosing the subject

First obstacle with themes is of course deciding what to make i came up with 3 idea 

1) You are a farmer and you have to keep your family/village alive but your king demands things of you. You would have to juggle between doing what the king wants and doing the things to survive. Of course neglecting either one of them would have concequences. The game would be a kind of builder/farmer game.

2) A game where you have to rescue somebody and on the way you get order and you can obey/disobey of course again choices have consequences. I imagined this like a kind of card game

3) A kind of zombie survival game where you get orders over the radio and you have to decide if they will help you survive. For this i imagined a sort of survival game.

Personally i liked option 1 the most but i did realize i would not have time for it, 3th choice was just a vague idea so i went for number 2 it should give me all the time to make a simple game as it has not to much interaction or animating/

Planning ahead

What helped me much this time (and is always a good idea) is to realyl think what i want to make and make a MoSCoW list of things i really needed and what would be cool.  In the end this helped me a  lot as i only finished the Must have items.


  1. Card that you can obey/disobey
  2. Card have effect (show other cards)
  3. Certain choices will allow for different  card
  4. Be able to win and have different ending based on your choices (you know like blue, green and red ending :D )

Could have

  1. Effect modifier
  2. Having little food hurts you
  3. Choice your own ending based on what obeyed and not
  4. changing backgrounds
  5.  deck of cards that you can use in certain sitiuations

Wont have :

  1. Card sounds
  2. staring screen
  3. saving

Planning ahead code

Planing what i wanted it made creating the skeleton for the game simpel as well  before i even typed 1 line if code i crated the classes and enums i needed 

  • CardDeck
  • Card
  • CardTupe
  • Modifier
  • ModfifierType
  • InputController

So far so good

What went wrong.

To be completely honest things did not go wrong in the literal meaning of the word but there were some hurdeld

1) I never though of a way how to exactly win so that was  a bit of a rush job. 

2) To much other things to do so barely finished

3) Not enough testing and proof reading

4) It took more time than expected to actually come up with a reasonable amount of different cared. First tome o thought i had enough i was mistaken as i had only 7 main cards with 2 options each, not enough for a game.

5) Took to much time on assets in the begging and to little in the end resulting in a bit varying quality of cards

6) To many spelling mistakes.


In the end i really had to rush the endings, i already had a list what i wanted but not how i wanted it resulting in 10 different endings but not being able to test if all of them are viable. 

One thing in the end i wanted but could not was a clear indicator what cards were influenced by the changes. I finished everything in time but would have liked to have more time. But what i could plan i think i planned correctly and i will use the same method next time.


WillYouObey.zip Play in browser
Aug 24, 2017

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