Made for the theme overgrown in a week.

Not done yet unfortunately but the most base functionality is there. But it is not a "game" yet as there is no winning, losing or objective yet.

The idea is that you get hold of an old town that is totally overgrown and you will need to clear the land and make it ready so new people will move to your town.

Most important functionality that is still missing.

Energy - Cutting the overgrowth shold make you tired and you wil need to sleep

Hunger - you will get hungry so you will need to grow/find food

Other people - for now you are limited to finding one house that in the end should become yours. Later other parts will be unlocked and you can chose what buildings to free to make your live easier.

Day-Night - game should have a day night cycle.

Farming - Farming is not only to feed yourself but is also meant to keep your town supplied. less food is less people and or less happy people

More ideas will follow


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Would love to see full functionality.

One thing that comes to mind as a potential thing to consider is having an isometric view.